Day 45…continued – #winterful is here

So it might seem as though I’ve been doing this for more than 45 days (last updated post on this topic was about six weeks ago), and I have, but the promise I made back at the start when numbering days was that they related to going solo.

As my wife finished her placement back at the end of October, we’ve been doubling-up on the boys like we did throughout the #awesummer, which has been great and definitely a big hand.

Little one has been more enthusiastic than his older brother most of the last six months...
Little one has been more enthusiastic than his older brother most of the last six months…

But just as we’ve come to expect both of us being here throughout the day, and that our alarm clock is still a waking child or birdsong at dawn, it’s all about to change.

I’m heading back to paid employment (paid in money, rather than experiences and memories alone – can’t pay the gas bill with good will and hugs, unfortunately) next week, bringing to an end my six months of SAHD-ness.

I’m simultaneously excited and full of trepidation.

I’ve proved from a couple of excursions to see former workmates, and for the various adult conversations I’ve had in preparation for this role, that I still have enough awareness of how to communicate with people aged over five, but I’ve definitely learned another language in trying to interpret the whines, whimpers, cries, screams and stutters that the two rascals here at home have taught me.

No more arts and crafts for me. I'm not distraught about that. I bloody hate cleaning. But enjoy writing about it.
No more arts and crafts for me. I’m not distraught about that. I bloody hate cleaning. But enjoy writing about it.

But I’ll certainly be a little sad (not sic!) to be leaving them, rejoining the commuting masses travelling into the Big Smoke every morning and missing out on the wonderful entertainment they provide. Nappy changes and toilet times fill me with bittersweet memories. The themed weeks have been a chance for me to learn more about the world we live in by using the kids as vehicles.

I won’t miss crying at dinner, though. And this excellent post from Hurrah for Gin explains exactly why!

I fear I may fall back into old trappings of eating at my desk and not getting quite enough exercise, but I suppose I’ll find a way to keep myself active enough to not return to boredom face-stuffing. At least I’ve written extensively on the subject to reinforce good behaviour, right?!

One thing that I’ll be doing less of, though, is baking.

It started fairly healthily back at the start of the adventure, but since GBBO there has been a major influx of sugar and cakes/biscuits compared to stuff like soup (although that had ‘fail’ written all over it in hindsight) or stews using granddad’s vegetables from the allotment. At least I’ll be ready for hibernation when winter really kicks in, and I’ll have enough stores to go a week without eating if the zombie apocalypse starts while I’m in this new role.

How the world used to see me
The new me – looks a lot like the old me.

But I am excited to be getting back on the employment horse. I deserve to pay a few extra taxes based on making more of the local area than I normally would have during the same period any other year.

Here’s to rejoining the working classes – bring on #winterful!


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